How to Make a House Safer for Aging Seniors

The following post is written by home health care specialist, Carolyn Franco, from Whether an individual is recovering from an injury, coping with an illness, or simply needs assistance at home to remain independent, Home Health Resources offers a full range of home health services to meet the medical, physical, and emotional needs of our clients.

There is a whole list of things that can be done for little or no cost to make a home safer for an aging person.

General Safety

Make sure there is adequate lighting in the home, especially in walkways. Keep pets in designated areas and crated at night. Additionally, wearing non-skid shoes can increase stability and security, and make sure that the shoes have good support. Install handrails near the commode and/or shower stalls.

Preventing Hazards

Make sure the home is un-cluttered and pathways are clear of newspapers, magazines and anything unnecessary that gets left out. Throw rugs can become tripping hazards, so many people choose to remove them. If someone uses an oxygen tank, make sure extension tubing is ordered in a bright color to stand out against flooring. While this may seem like a minor point, tripping and/or falling is a common cause of injury among aging people; so clearing the home of these simple hazards is an important preventative measure.


Make sure countertops are at a comfortable height, and that the senior can sit while preparing meals. Make sure that cabinets and drawers are easy to open, and that dishes in the kitchen are accessible by storing them at a location and height that is easily reached by the senior.

Durable Medical Equipment

There are also numerous items called Durable Medical Equipment that can be of help. Medical equipment and disposable medical supplies are designed for people who have some functional limitation, meaning that they have trouble walking or using their hands to do ordinary chores. There are commodes made for those that cannot walk or see well at night. Walkers and wheelchairs can make traveling in the home safer as well.

There is also equipment designed for comfort, such as cushions, pillow, moisturizers, canes and special clothing for those who are wheelchair bound. These conveniences can really improve the quality of life for an aging senior.

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