Reason to sell:Tired Landlord

We'll buy your rental home so you can sleep soundly again.

Being a landlord is a big responsibility. Late-night calls, repairs, and HOA complaints are all part of the job.

If you're tired and want to move on, we don't blame you. And we can help.

In just over 15 years, we’ve purchased over 4,000 homes and almost a billion dollars of Texas real estate from homeowners who wanted a quick sale at a fair price with no hassle.

With fast access to legal experts and over 40 combined years of title experience on our team, we can also clear any liens or title problems on your behalf — at no extra cost to you.

Get a fair cash offer today START HERE ... only takes 30 seconds!

Confidentiality guaranteed
No commissions / fees
No repairs or updates
No risk or hassle
Simple 3 step process
Fair cash offers
Fast No-cost closing
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Common Questions

Can I sell my rental home with tenants in it?

Yes. Even if the home is occupied, we can still buy it from you. No need to evict anyone first.

What if the house needs repairs or is a mess?

It doesn't matter. Our offers come without contingencies or inspections, and we'll make you a fair cash offer for the home exactly as it is.

How do I know your offer is fair?

As locals, we know the Texas real estate market. We also know the costs of any repairs that are needed.

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