10 Reasons Flooded Home Owners are Choosing to Sell

It has been six months since Hurricane Harvey hit Southeast Texas, leaving more than 200,000 homes damaged or destroyed by flood waters.

If your home is among those damaged, there’s a good chance you’re still waiting – waiting for officials to make decisions about whether your property is eligible for a buyout, waiting for money from your flood insurance company, waiting for contractors to return your calls, or waiting for construction crews to show up.

The Houston Astros have won the World Series, the holidays have come and gone, and we’ve witnessed a rare Super Blue Blood Moon, and you’re still waiting.

Why Homeowners are Selling

At Big State Home Buyers, we’re hearing from Texans just like you every day who are experiencing the same aggravation.

Not surprisingly, many are coming to the decision that they want to sell.

Here’s the ten most common reasons flooded home owners say they’re considering selling now.

  1. We wanted to repair our flooded home, but the process is just too overwhelming.
  2. Our heart isn’t in it any longer after completing initial repairs. We’re physically and emotionally exhausted and we don’t have the stamina to see this through.
  3. We had hoped the insurance money would allow us to make our home like new, but it’s not nearly enough.
  4. With so many flooded homes in our area still in a state of disrepair, it’s clear now our neighborhood will never be the same. We’re ready to move somewhere new.
  5. I feel anxious every time it rains, and we’re not even back in our home yet. This was the second time we flooded – I’m not willing to go through it again.
  6. If we combine our insurance money with the income we could receive from selling our house as-is, we could afford to buy a home in an area that didn’t flood.
  7. We have yet to find a contractor we trust; construction bids are all over the map, so it’s impossible to know what’s realistic or fair.
  8. Construction crews are working so many other jobs, we never know when they’ll show up. At this pace, it’ll be Harvey’s one-year anniversary and we’ll still be waiting.
  9. We never anticipated how long we would be out of our home. We’re tired of living in a temporary space.
  10. We thought we had to salvage our family home, but now six months later, the emotional ties are not as strong. The practical thing to do is find a home where we can make new memories.

Why Selling Makes Sense

Maybe you can relate to the feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, frustration, and capitulation that flooded home owners shared with us. If the idea of selling your home has greater appeal now than immediately after Harvey, you’re not alone.

In the immediate aftermath of the storm, homeowners were instructed to act fast. Rip out sheetrock and cabinetry, pull up soaked carpet and discard water-damaged belongings immediately.

For many, that need to act, whether it was pure emotion or instinct, kept them plodding forward. Now, six months later, they’ve had time to sincerely assess their situation, and they want to change course.

Good News: It’s Not Too Late

Professional home buyers, like Big State Home Buyers, buy houses in any condition. That includes homes in an extreme state of disrepair. In the case of Harvey victims, homes somewhere in the stage of repairs. If you’ve never thought of selling your flooded home to a professional home buyer before, let us share another list with you. These are the top five reasons you should consider it now:

  1. A professional home buyer will pay cash for your home. That means you don’t have to wait or worry that a buyer’s loan isn’t going to be approved.
  2. Professional home buyers have the ability and agility to move quickly, but they follow whatever pace the seller sets.
  3. It is a home buyer’s job to know housing markets, so you can be assured you are receiving a fair offer based on the most up-to-date comps in your area.
  4. Reputable home buying companies staffed with real estate experts understand the legal complexities that accompany a property (death, divorce, liens against the property, etc.) They have skills for untangling those snares, and often keep homeowners with their property.
  5. Unlike other buyers, professional home buyers will enthusiastically purchase your home in its current condition.

If you were a victim of Harvey’s record rainfall, don’t wait any longer to get your life back to normal. To learn more about selling your flooded home to a professional home buyer or to get a quote for your property, contact us.

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